Brian Clough Nottingham Forest iPhone case European Cup
Brian Clough Nottingham Forest Samsung Phone case winners 1979
Brian Clough NFFC Manager iPhone X case European Cup 40 years
Brian Clough NFFC Manager iPhone 6 case Malmo 40 years winner
Brian Clough genius phone case custom design art
Brian Clough City Ground NG2 phone case custom design art
Brian Clough custom phone case NFFC
Cloughie custom phone case Samsung Forest Reds Brian Clough
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Cloughie European Cup 40th Anniversary Phone Case

Regular price £19.99
Celebrate the anniversary of those remarkable triumphs by Clough & Taylor's Miracle Men! 

NB: Each case is custom made to the specs of each phone so will vary from images shown because of different dimensions of each. We are sorry we are unable to offer these at a lower price but they are each custom made to order.
    • Made from slim, glossy, high quality plastic. 
    • Design wraps around to cover the back and sides of the case.
    • Designed to snap on to the back of the phone.

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