David Vaughan

The Welsh Wizard and midfield dynamo - Vaughaniesta - a legend amongst the Forest faithful.

Vaughany is like fine wine. He just gets better and better - the more you see of him and the more you see the team without him in it - the more you appreciate just what a great player he is. He's out 'new Reidy', the one we need to make everything tick. His absence at the start of this season has been starkly marked by a severe downturn in form. The fans have been counting the days until his return so he can once again provide a platform in his pivotable role at the centre of the midfield and get Forest playing the way we know they can with him pulling the strings. Keeping Vaughany wrapped in cotton wool and on the field for the rest of the season as much as possible will be one of the most important factors in determining where we are able to finish come May. Either way, enjoy having him in the team whilst we are lucky enough to be able to have him.