Zach Clough

T-Shirts and canvases of the Forest star in various styles - the 3rd generation Clough!

With a name like Clough you have to play Trentside and Forest seem to have trailed young Zach since he made his debut. Having finally got our man he made a huge initial impact scoring some memorable goals. It seems as if his form has suffered a bit and he's been asked to play out of position and generally suffered a bit with the changes of managers and systems meaning he's often been the 'odd man out' too many times recently but there's no doubt he has the ability and will show it when he gets his chance again. At the moment he's having to settle for cameo appearances off the bench but his time will come again. With the system we are playing and the squad we now have the bench is very much part of the game plan though along with having a selection of attacking options to choose from to get the job done. Patience and hard work will pay off at some point though when you have his talent - and name.