Guy Moussi

Guy Moussi was not one of the greatest players we have ever had. He was signed without much fanfare without any great expectations but he ended up playing for many years and winning many friends in Nottingham. It's fair to say he was football Marmite in some respects. He had many supporters and detractors just like many players do, but he took it all in his stride and carried on playing with pride and a smile on his face. Whenever he made an impact he was greeted with a barrage of 'Mooooooo's sometimes mistaken for boos. He loved playing for Forest, living in Nottingham and came back to get fit and hang around after a stint overseas largely because of his love for Forest. His approach to the game in general and Forest in particular won nearly everyone associated with Forest over in the end though. This image captures his passion for the club as he celebrates a goal with the fans - on one of the rare occasions he got onto the scoresheet he was given second yellow and sent off for his troubles I seem to recall. This was typical of him. Top marks for attitude.