Jamie Ward (Out on loan)

Art of the former-Derby player now plying his trade with Nottingham Forest FC.

Few can deny the value of Jamie Ward in our fight against relegation in 2017. He had fallen out with the manager and been sent out on loan - as unlikely as it might sound! However in our time of need, with Montanier sacked, he was recalled and made a massive contribution in key games at the tail end of the fixture list that ultimately saved us from a catastrophic campaign. Not only in terms of tangible contribution on the field but also in his robust approach and confrontational attitude he has made a great contribution to Forest. He's a player everyone loves to hate, is always ready for a ruck and a great man to have in your team rather than lining up against you. Few would have thought he would have been able to win over the Reds after his 'form' down the A52 but there's no doubt he's now considered very much 'our little XXXX' now and we wouldn't have it any other way.