Winston Churchill Proud To Be British sticker
The Queen Proud To Be British sticker
Maggie Thatcher Proud To Be British sticker
Alf Garnett Proud To Be British sticker
Jacqui Smith Labour Home Secretary For The Many Podcast sticker
Iain Dale For The Many Podcast sticker
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Political - #GetBehindTheLads Campaign Stickers

Regular price £2.00


A selection of broadly political stickers that don't fit anywhere else very well. 

IMPORTANT - these stickers are designed to be bought in bundles really and are therefore overpriced individually! Order multiples of a single design or lots of different ones. When you check out you will get the following discounts on your entire sticker order!

5+ Stickers in total - 50% OFF - £1.50 each - £7.50 in total - USE CODE 'STICKERS5' when checking out.

10+ Stickers in total - 60% OFF - £1.20 each - £12 in total - USE CODE 'STICKERS10' when checking out.

So it pays to buy a lot more whilst you're ordering as well as saving on postage. Incidentally the discounts apply globally too so you can buy 4 of these and another from another category for a friend to gain the 5 discount etc. On checkout you will have the option to select from the currently available stickers and select a quantity you require for each.

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