Stuart Pearce - Psycho

The classic pre-match ritual salute from one of the true legends of Forest. The clenched fists, the outstretched arms and the scream to the gathered fans to raise the roof with our chants of 'Psycho! Psycho! Psycho!'. They don't make them like Stuart Pearce any more. Although he suffered an ill-fated second stint as manager that was doomed to failure however well-intentioned, he will always be regarded as one of the greats and have a place in the heart of every Forest fan.

His salute will always be remembered by everyone lucky enough to see him play and be associated with the great years of success that followed the European success when Brian Clough relied heavily on the driving force and leadership of his captain to take care of business on the field. Ultimately graduating to England captain and going on to become one of the iconic players within the game. He left to maintain his England career when we were relegated a second time and he didn't have many years left but he will always be one of Forest's greatest ever captains.