About Us

After over three decades working in music and technology The Rogues' Gallery is the chance to make part of my work my even greater love of sport, politics, music and pop culture. They say you should do what you love and I have always tried to do that but this is pure self-indulgence. It's been interesting so far, lots of twists and turns, hundreds of products released, many internationally acclaimed and even ending up with some of them in Apple Retail and on the front page of their website - that resulting in 'the Hollywood Sign' having the cheek to threaten to sue me! It never came to anything of course, just like The Vatican they were just trying it on, some people these days eh? - also having the opportunity to work with some of my musical heroes. The lead marketing executive at Apple thought the cover of one of our products was the best he had seen in his career. There were hundreds, some almost stretching back to the Eighties, so there were definitely a few dogs amongst them. Now the chance to use many of the skills used over all those years for this project along with the help of a small army of designers I have worked with over those decades. We will try to creatively highlight the special moments, personalities and experiences that shape all our lives and leave their mark in history. I hope you enjoy it and I'm sure that we will. - Matt & The Rogues