Nottingham Forest Pop Art A1 image Samba Sow Joe Lolley Taigo Silva Brice Samba edit
Nottingham Forest Pop Art big print Samba Sow Joe Lolley Taigo Silva Brice Samba edits City Ground
Nottingham Forest Pop Art big prints Warhol pop art Sow Lolley Silva Samba edits
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Forest 2020 Pop Art Portraits - A1 Size Print Set

Regular price £34.99

Superb quality and MASSIVE A1 sized design (4x bigger than A3!) featuring four Nottingham Forest favourites from the 2020 squad. It was very difficult making the selection and we might be able to offer some substitutes if there are enough special requests maybe too. But for now it's Samba Sow, Joe Lolley, Tiago Silva and Brice Samba who have got the nod in this 2x2 Warhol-style formation fit to grace any wall and a really decent size too.

You will get a set of 4 specially designed A3 prints - add a £15 or less A1 frame from eBay or something and you have something impressive for around the half the price of a similarly sized canvas. Incidentally we can do a canvas version of this or any other image if you'd prefer too FYI. You just carefully line them up, tape them together on the back and then frame them as usual. Perfect.

We also offer two A3 pop art versions of our classic Brian Clough portrait - choose your favourite - similar to a canvas we produced that hangs in The City Ground offices.

Ideal for framing.

Limited Edition of 20.

Shipped in cardboard backed envelope. A3 Size.

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