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Klark Teknik Jade One Mk 2 Reference Quality Powered Studio Monitors

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These are rare and superb powered monitors specifically designed to offer flat and true reference quality sound. We’re used to create countless sample libraries and selected specifically for their quality.

Recently moved and currently have them in storage so I cannot take any actual photos atm but I am assuming they are in same condition as shipped and might be able to take actual photos and add these soon.

Conditions to note. Physically almost perfect aside from one of the XLR connectors collapsed in. Doesn’t affect how it worked but never got around to fitting a new one. Just can’t apply pressure to attach cable once unconnected. One cone got touched and dented in. Again doesn’t affect sound as far as you can tell and can probably be popped back out if someone knows the correct trick. They haven’t been used for over 13 years so not ever bothered to fix these small things. Physical condition was very good. They are heavy and solid bits of kit so we would have to figure out the best delivery options.

If you are interested please get in touch. I need to take them out of storage and test them and would obviously do that and confirm everything before I actually completed any sale but it’s not currently possible but I want to get them listed in the meantime.

Please ask any questions you might have.

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