Brian Clough - Old Big Head

The World has never seen his like before or since and although his brand of football management would not be compatible with the modern game we felt it was time to create a new portrait of the great man with a nice, modern twist.

We have tried to capture his essence, the glint in his eye and his confidence in his ability. Never afraid to court controversy and rarely wrong, he was able to back up his bravado with results and achieve the impossible again and again throughout his career. His fairytale career was what made me fall in love with the beautiful game, the countless memorable achievements will never be forgotten and still make the hairs on my neck stand up decades later. Brian Clough was a total one-off and will always be one of my heroes. In addition though he’s truly a timeless figure and an icon of the game.

England's loss was Forest's gain. Brian should have managed England for years and it's the FA's eternal shame that they never had the courage to appoint him to the top job. To neglect to use his incredible talent is one of the games tragedies. Even when he was at his lowest, a shadow of the man once was and finally leaving Forest, the send off the Forest faithful gave him was incredible and showed the love and respect with which he will always be held in.

We will be using this iconic image in a number of designs with different styles.