Tyson Fury World Heavyweight Champion beer mats Gypsy King #GetBehindTheLads
Ekow Essuman Boxer beer mats #GetBehindTheLads The engine
Anthony Joshua Heavyweight World Champion Champ beer mats Vote AJ
Leigh Wood Leighthal beer mats #GetBehindTheLads
Derrick Delboy Osaze Boxer beer mats #GetBehindTheLads The Punching Preacher
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Boxing #GetBehindTheLads Beer Mats

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Grab our hot, new political themed beer mats to show your support for your favourite boxing stars. Mix and match as you like. Choose from Tyson Fury, Leigh Wood, Eko Essuman, Anthony Joshua & Derrick 'Delboy' Ozaze.

It pays to buy a lot more whilst you're ordering as well as saving on postage.

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